Our History

Banthongyord Badminton School

Banthongyord Badminton School,

formerly called Banthongyord Badminton Club is the first badminton school to establish in Thailand

located on Phuttamonthon Sai 3,

Bangkae District of Bangkok, Thailand.


Establishment of Banthongyord Badminton Club


Patapol Ngernsrisuk became first member of Banthongyord to be called up to the Thai National Badminton Team


Apply to Ministry of Education (Thailand) to run the school under the name “Banthongyord Badminton School”


Ratchanok Inthanon, member of Banthonyord Badminton School and Thai National Badminton Team, became first ever Thai player to be the World Champion, also the youngest singles at the age of 18

Banthongyord was established in 1991 by the family of Kamala Thongkorn (Pook),

subjecting to be a place for her children and their friends to come play badminton. At the time, her children were not allowed to participate in any tournaments due to not being guaranteed by clubs or school. As a result, “Banthongyord Badminton Club”

“Banthongyord Badminton Club” was established and later registered as an ordinary member of The Badminton Association of Thailand under Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King. The reason for naming this school “Banthongyord” was because it’s the name of her other business which also portrayed the pride of being Thai’

The Beginning

Originally, there were only 1 court available in the area of Khun Kamala’s house with only 4 badminton players and Pornroj Banditpisut was the coach. Later on, the club gained attention when players were able to reach quarter final round. A year later, Pornroj has to move down to Krabi, Southern part of Thailand as public servant, so the club contacted the Association.

Sangha Meknavin, secretary of Thai Badminton Association at the time, coordinated with Chinese Badminton Association, asking for coach to come to Thailand. Hol Zea Chang, head coach of Chinese Badminton Association, handed the profile of Xie Zhihua to the club. Not long until contract were sign.

Standard Courts

a cafeteria, Two dormitories, a retail badminton shop, and more than hundred free parking spaces.

Worldclass Coachs

Our teacher has enormous experience in badminton.


Banthongyod Badminton School is well equipped, with beautiful landscape and clean, safe environment

Since then, number of athletes increased gradually so the club decided to rent a court at Phet Kasem 59 which lasted 3 months, then moved to Hansa Badminton Court and remained there for 7 years. Afterwards, the clubs joined in the campus of Assumption College Thonburi for 4 years until the place were not able to coup with number of students.

Khun Kamala came up with an idea to build badminton court and started badminton school to teach basic skills for youths and public. Moreover, supporting athletes to the National level is also one of the objectives. For that reason, the club applied to Ministry of Education to run the school under the name “Banthongyord Badminton School” in 2003 and have been producing quality badminton players for Thailand since then.


Banthongyord Badminton School